34,250 Watts

+1600 Degrees / fixture


5000 Watts

Produces NO Heat

Annual Electric Savings -$30,663.00

Commercial LED light Retrofitting  

Ask us how to get your Electric Company to pay for most of your Conversion

Commercial LED Lighting Augusta GA

Office & Commercial

LED Lighting

We can affordably retrofit your current fixtures to reduce energy consumption by 80% and greatly improve the lighting quality. Or you have the options of many different types of LED fixtures that can produce the desired lighting effect.


LED Lighting

By converting with our extremely efficient LED highbays the difference is amazing.  These are typical very high powered inefficient HPS or HID fixtures.  With our low power, very high lumen UFO Style highbays. We can increase the lighting quality while drastically lowering electric costs, typically by 70% or more.

Sports Athletic Field

LED Lighting

Typically the most expensive lighting to operate and poorest quality.  By converting to New LED fixtures light quality and costs both are greatly improved.  Typical older lighting fails prematurely due to weather conditions.  

We use only IP65 or higher quality that can withstand the conditions and last.

Retail & Grocery Stores 

LED Lighting

DTL Energy Solutions uses all different types of colors and models to make your retail or grocery store stand out much more than others.  You will be amazed by converting  to LED with the correct lighting will make your products stand out and will drastically increase sales while reducing electric costs.

Parking Lots & Garages 

LED Lighting

One of our favorite sayings in this industry.  "Bad guys do not like bright lighting"  Not only are you making your environment much safer for your customers. But well lighted parking areas will increase traffic to your location.  All this while reducing costs!

Manufacturing Facilities

LED Lighting

Our experience shows with a greatly improved LED lighting atmosphere, attendance, production, and safety all greatly improves.  All this while drastically reducing costs.

Schools & Govt Building

LED Lighting

Our extensive knowledge in this field has proven to be a huge asset to schools.  We have retrofitted 900k+  fixtures using 5k Kelvin color temps.  This choice makes the entire learning environment more enjoyable by both students and staff.  Reports state just by Converting to LED scores have risen, absenteeism has lowered.  With the huge savings by a school, funds can be used for other much needed programs and materials. 

Gas Station 

LED Lighting

Just by converting to LED.  Studies report that theft and drive offs decrease. Sales increase and customers feel more safe.


LED Lighting

With our array of top quality LED products we can improve the atmosphere for each area of the church property.  The greatest advantage we have been told by our church customers.  No longer do we have to risk the safety of our congregation by having them need to climb ladders or the constant replacing of old light bulbs.  Plus the huge electric savings can be then used for other programs and charities funded by the church.


Energy Audit

Analysis of existing light installation and development of new light concepts with focus on sustainability. Energy Savings, Quality of Light, Color Temps and Longevity

Best warranty in the Business

DTL Energy Solutions has an unheard of full 5 year warranty on everything we do.  This means you now have a $0 budget for lighting for 5 full years.  For any reason if any product installed by us fails for any reason we will replace and install a new one for a full 5 year period.  No exceptions! No Excuses! No Problems!


With our vast selection of top quality LED Light Fixtures, we can customize any layout or building to meet every need and style for your particular operation.

Rebates and Incentives

DTL Energy Solutions handles all of the paperwork to maximize the rebates offered by Georgia Power, SCE&G/Dominion & Duke Energy. Our experience makes this sometime difficult process hassle free and makes sure your rebate is paid promptly.

Light Planning Support

Support for your lighting design concept where needed from luminaire systems and light application conceptions, adjustments & measurements for visualizations

Schedule & Flexibility

DTL Energy Solutions will work around your timeline to make the conversion as smooth as possible.  Whether you need a small area done or a large facility.




About DTL Energy Solutions

DTL Energy Solutions is the southeast's most trusted LED lighting retro-fitters.  We take pride in our service and remain flexible with all of our clients to ensure no disruption to their business. 


Our team works around your schedule to make the switch as smooth as possible.  We have partnered with the top manufactures of LED lighting to provide you with the highest quality product on the market.

DTL Energy Solutions Inc. which stands for Duct, Thermal, Lighting. was founded by the company president Steve Shuey.  With several rental vacation homes and cabins, I was always looking for ways to cut my ridiculous power bills.  The cabin to the left is what started it all.  I would always hear that every single light was left on day and night., and the AC was running non stop.  


So I first became a certified DET Verifier. which tests homes and HVAC systems to make sure the home is sealed and efficient.  During all of those years I was testing LED lighting.  In the beginning the lights were expensive and not very good.  I spent several years testing products to find something that was good.  90% of the lighting I tested failed.  It took years of tireless testing to finally find a product that worked.  Much like the UL listing on many products came a very strict compliance and testing measure called DLC (Design Light Consortium).  


This is the only product we will install and can confidently stand behind all of our services.  Since finding it and bringing it to the market we have saved our clients thousands of dollars a month on electric, and I finally got my own power bills under control.



Tel: 706.829.5676

Atlanta, GA, SC, NC 


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