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Our Story

DTL Energy Solutions Inc. which stands for Duct, Thermal, Lighting. was founded by the company president Steve Shuey.  With several rental vacation homes and cabins, I was always looking for ways to cut my ridiculous power bills.  The cabin to the left is what started it all.  I would always hear that every single light was left on day and night., and the AC was running non stop.  So I first became a certified DET Verifier. which tests homes and HVAC systems to make sure the home is sealed and efficient.  During all of those years I was testing LED lighting.  In the beginning the lights were expensive and not very good.  I spent several years testing products to find something that was good.  90% of the lighting I tested failed.  It took years of tireless testing to finally find a product that worked.  Much like the UL listing on many products came a very strict compliance and testing measure called DLC (Design Light Consortium).  This is the only product we will install and can confidently stand behind all of our services.  Since finding it and bringing it to the market we have saved our clients thousands of dollars a month on electric, and I finally got my own power bills under control.